Ethnic Rom-Com ‘India Sweets And Spices’

Ethnic Rom-Com ‘India Sweets And Spices’

Just when you thought you’d seen every possible flick about ethnic communities along comes India Sweets And Spices, an American rom-com from the producer of Crazy Rich Asians. This film explores the secrets and lies that are uncovered within a family when an Indian college freshman returns home for the summer and romances a young man who comes from a lower caste system than her family.

This is not an original concept and primarily tries to capture the same humour and sweetness of the box office hit Crazy Rich Asians. However, it feels somewhat like a copycat film with the same assortment of stereotyped characters, the same high-class snobs and underlings who seem to have higher morals and standards in life – with the exception that the story surrounds an Indian family.

Indian culture is detailed. Should women stand up for their rights and protest for women’s equality? Does an arranged marriage guarantee a monogamous, stronger, and more fulfilling relationship? Class division is alive and well within Indian communities in the US and a standout theme is that no family lives a flawless life – they may be rich but are definitely not perfect.

The predominantly unknown cast to Australian moviegoers is headed by Sophia Ali (soon to be seen in the blockbuster Uncharted) who convincingly portrays college freshman Alia.

This is simplistic and pleasant viewing with moments of comedy and drama and a finale which should have audiences laughing and hesitantly questioning whether they live within a ‘perfect’ family environment.


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