Unholy Ghosts

Death is something that we will all experience but how do you deal with the void left behind from the death of a loved one?

Playwright Campion Decent explores grief in his tragicomedy Unholy Ghosts.

Based on Decent’s personal experience of losing his parents, actor James Lugton, who plays the son, says the play is about a man dealing with the impending and eventual death of his parents.

“I think the experience of the son is one that at some level everyone will experience, everyone will lose their parents one way or another at some point in their life,” he says.

Relatable and moving, Decent explores the portrait of life in both a tragic and comic way, to truly reflect the madness of life.

“Campion has written it beautifully, it’s not sentimental or self-indulgent, it’s quite poetic but matter of fact,” Lugton says.

Bare and intimate, the production aims to connect with audiences individually, and for each person then to take something from it personal to their story.

“I think everyone will take something different away from it, so what one person takes away will be completely different from the person sitting next to them,” Lugton says.

“It’s about the relationships and the words and everything in between.” (SOC)

Until Sep 20, Griffin Theatre, 10 Nimrod St, Darlinghurst, $28-35, (02) 9361 3817, griffintheatre.com.au


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