Luminosity and Momentum

Luminosity and Momentum

Luminosity and Momentum is an intriguing name for an exhibition, with the perfect amount of balance and contrast. This clearly reflects the two charming photographers who have combined their work into one harmonious collection of art.

“We stimulated each other in our quest to get our work out there,” SoonHoe says of when they first met in 2015. “We’ve combined five exhibitions together – all in major galleries.” Black Eye Gallery is one of their favorite galleries to showcase their brilliant photographs in because, “The lighting is just excellent,” Rob Love says.

Both of them are completely obsessed with nature and capturing beauty in such unique ways. Rob Love is just minutes away from the ocean at his home in Melbourne and you’ll often find him taking photographs of the crashing waves with the sunset light coming through at just the most perfect time. Sometimes taking up to 800 stills just to get the right one. SoonHoe’s journey requires a little bit more effort. This photographer travels to Malaysia twice a year and boats to a specific island to capture the movement of fish swimming in the water.

These two creative souls are truly appreciating the beauty we’ve been given in life. Rob says, “If people felt what I feel when I look at the photographs – that would be enough.”

Often or not, many people have thought their photographs were paintings. This is because of the minimal amount of editing done afterwards. SoonHoe, however, adjusts his photos to black and white because, “I felt with black and white the sense of movement comes as stronger.” This is referred to as ‘camera art’. Camera art means there is very minimal post editing. “We don’t crop them, photo shop them. We may change a little bit of contrast or light a little bit because we both shoot in very challenging environments. Both of us don’t spend time on the computer adding layers,” Rob proudly states.

These two gentlemen will be in Sydney for the opening of their exhibition Luminosity and Momentum at the Black Eye Gallery premiering July 20. You will be inspired by the world we live in and reminded of the beauty we sometimes overlook. As Rob concludes, “There is always more magic to find out there.”

Until Aug 6. Black Eye Gallery, 3/138 Darlinghurst Rd, Sydney. Info:

By Olivia Lyle.

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