Dime Sheppard’s ‘Crime Writer’

Dime Sheppard’s ‘Crime Writer’


Crime Writer is the engaging and thrilling crime/romance story written by exciting Aussie author, Dime Sheppard, in her fantastic debut novel.

Crime Writer is difficult to put down because of its non-typical structure that melds a fictional writer’s world with the world of her characters – who possess lots of depth and intrigue.

Evie Howland is Crime Writer’s author protagonist and prolific writer who has just encountered her first experience with the dread ‘writer’s block’ while attempting the complete her impressive 16th book in her series.

To get this far as an author in New York city Evie has developed a personal attachment to her characters and the goings-on in their lives. Her debonaire partner, Daniel, is used to her ducking in and out of reality forgoing time with him to dedicate ‘time with them’. However, due to Daniel’s high-flying lifestyle and professional obligations that have him managing millions of dollars each day – he enjoys Evie’s creative process and whimsical outlook on life. And everything in Evie’s world looks perfect until…

Some of the nefarious characters developing in Evie’s much-anticipated 16th novel also have solid foundations in Evie’s very real existence. Blade is a psychotic murderer and Detectives Jay Ryan and Carolyn Harding – of the New York City Police Department – are desperately trying to track him down. But who’s fictitious and who’s real in Sheppard’s striking first novel?

Crime Writer flirts dangerously close with being, at-times, cheesy, however, it’s Sheppard’s skill as a novelist – and her obvious character awareness – that allows cliché to be transformed into a witty intelligence that makes this novel charming and enchanting.

Sheppard should be very happy with herself for creating such an original and absorbing novel that will surely be spoken of highly in the fiction world.

A wonderful debut; an absolute pleasure to read; looking forward to what’s coming next from Sheppard.

Go out and grab a copy!

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