Vivid Sydney: A New Normal – solutions for a self-sufficient city

Vivid Sydney: A New Normal – solutions for a self-sufficient city
Image: Solar Architecture - John Wardle Architects, Solar Pavilion


Some of Sydney’s most ambitious brands, designers and tech-savvy specialists have come together to inventively seek out solutions to tackle the city’s most persistent challenges and transform Sydney into a self-sufficient city. 

A New Normal, the exhibition, is set to be open for the three-week long period inside the VIVID hub, starting from the 24th of May to the 15th of June. This exhibition will display various prototypes that will give visitors a peek into the future with new sustainable technology.

A NEW NORMAL, Sydney at Vivid Sydney, artists impression by Finding Infinity.

Although the thought of normalising the concept of being self-sufficient to a city like Sydney may seem gargantuan at scale, the forward-thinking minds behind the project know how to stir up the intrigue with some of their concepts. These include something called a forever car; The Last Beer on Earth, which looks at recycling waste-water to create beer; and coat-hanger eating robots, all certain to dazzle the minds of visitors.

Energy Storage: Hassels battery room showing the Nissan leaf batteries connected to the solar pavilion which is powering the event. Image: supplied

Former Councillor and Deputy Mayor of Sydney, Jess Miller, leads the exhibition in Sydney.

“We’re thrilled to be adapting and presenting this ‘do tank’ to Sydney-siders and the nation and expanding the reach of A New Normal,” says Miller.  “It is our hope that the private-sector and government will see that these practical, popular and cost-effective solutions are at their fingertips and available now.”

The Powerhouse Museum will open its doors to the public free of charge during VIVID Sydney, to present a fascinating array of prototypes and serve as part-gallery, part-pavilion and part-meeting place. 

Forever Car: Electro Gusto (top); interior (bottom left); engine. Image: supplied

Efficient Architecture – Fender Katsalidis Photo credit: Kristoffer Paulsen

This exhibition will be filled with innovative concepts directed towards generating interest in sustainability in the city, and showing that  a “new normal” is already a near-future possibility.

It is aligned with this year’s VIVID theme, “Humanity”, with visitors being both confronted with the existing challenges in our city, while also comforted by new solutions for producing cleaner energy and limiting waste. 

Entry is FREE. 

Until June 15 

Powerhouse Museum Harwood Building, 84 Mary Ann St, Ultimo

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