The Wharf Revue Looking For Albanese – REVIEW

The Wharf Revue Looking For Albanese – REVIEW
Image: The Greens - Phil Scott, Mandy Bishop, Drew Forsythe, Jonathan Biggins THE WHARF REVUE 2022 Image: Vishal Pandey

Theatregoers have watched Cinderella go from rags to riches on stage, seen The Phantom sweep Christine off her feet and witnessed the marvellous cast of Moulin Rouge! The Musical mesmerise full auditoriums of unsuspecting audiences, but now it’s time for something completely different as our glorious politicians past and present, take centre stage and present the funniest live show ever!

The Wharf Revue: Looking For Albanese is an hilarious political satire which presents 90 minutes of sheer fun and laughter in which no politician is left unscathed! The show features four comedians – Jonathan Biggins, Phillip Scott, Drew Forsythe, and Mandy Bishop, who satirise political personalities and events through songs and sketches.

Drew Forsythe as Pauline Hanson THE WHARF REVUE LOOKING FOR ALBANESE Image: Vishal Pandey

Nothing in the world of politics is sacred in this deliciously wicked roasting where the cheeky humour quickly explodes into full blown out hilarity; but be warned – the laughter is extremely infectious! The Wharf Revue is justifiably described as one of Sydney’s greatest satirical institutions evident from the humour in the writing which is sharp, witty, and free flowing.

Amanda Bishop as Jacqui Lambie in THE WHARF REVUE LOOKING FOR ALBANESE Image: Vishal Pandey

The four talented performers take to the stage as some of our most honoured and ‘beloved’ politicians, including Julia Gillard, John Howard, Tony Abbott, Kevin Rudd, Pauline Hanson and naturally Anthony Albanese. The performers, through costume changes, the addition of wigs and a huge amount of talent reappear on stage and no introduction is required as to which politician they are portraying.

Mandy Bishop, Jonathan Biggins & Phil Scott in THE WHARF REVUE LOOKING FOR ALBANESE Image: Vishal Pandey

Writing comedy can be difficult and seasoned comedians at times may experience periods of comedic drought, but the three writers; Biggins, Scott and Forsythe have collectively written an entertaining and vastly enjoyable satirical theatrical production in which the hysterical laughter can be regarded as ‘legal payback’ to the politicians for the broken promises and other minor misdemeanors they have made.

This is a small but very professional production suitable for audiences who have total respect for our politicians but more so for audiences who have little knowledge about these ‘strange little creatures’ who govern our country! Get ready to be entertained and more importantly educated about Australian politicians!

Until Dec 23

Seymour Centre, cnr City Rd & Cleveland St Chippendale                 



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