German Film Festival 2024

German Film Festival 2024
Image: FROM HILDE WITH LOVE film still.

The German Film Festival returns this  year with a program of 27 of the finest cinematic achievements to celebrate the festival’s 70th anniversary.

The popularity of this film festival is re-building after a lacklustre couple of years owing to Covid, with last year’s attendance numbers being very encouraging.

The Opening Night Movie is the highly acclaimed WWII Nazi themed From Hilde, With Love, the story of a young female resistance fighter who is imprisoned for treason and awaiting her fate.

This movie stars German actress, Liv Lisa Fries in the pivotal role of the accused woman, and promises to be a favourite for festival attendees who enjoy war themed feature films. A small reception precedes the screening with German foods and drinks.


This film festival always includes Kino For Kids, the popular program for families with young children. It’s a very significant inclusion, enthuses Chrisopher Muecher, Director of the Goethe Institute Australia.

“Cinema is an important cultural tradition around the world and just as you teach literature you teach film culture. For the kids, it’s like a trip to Germany, to experience what their peers are doing over there, without having to pay to fly there.”

There are four movies in this program, and Lassie – A new Adventure, is a thrilling new canine flick that should prove to be a popular choice amongst families. While a young child and his pet dog, Lassie, are away on a farm, they investigate the disappearance of missing dogs in the village. Can Lassie solve the case and rescue the dogs?

There are very few comedies in this year’s festival. “The harvest of the German Film Festival is like a wine harvest – it all depends on the production of the year,” explains Muecher.

ONE FOR THE ROAD film still.

One For The Road is a comedy that focuses on a construction manager who conditionally loses his driver’s license until he completes a course – but can he refrain from drinking alcohol until he regains his driver’s license? Described as an amusing tragicomedy the movie also explores friendship and the pros and cons of drinking.

To recognize the 70-year milestone in German cinema, the retrospective program has a selection of six features/documentaries from different decades.

Jacob The Liar screens in this program and is a critically acclaimed East German produced comedy drama filmed in 1974. It’s the only East German movie ever nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards. Can there be hope in the midst of despair in a Jewish ghetto in Nazi-occupied Poland? Jacob fabricates stories to raise hope – does this make him a liar?

Muecher is adamant that this film festival is suitable for everyone, including non-German speaking audiences.

“There is a wonderful selection of movies, and the sound of the language helps transport audiences to a different world.”


TREASURE – A Jewish man living in the US returns to Poland with his daughter – is this the solution to solving a trauma he suffers from the past?  Also delves into the relationship with his daughter. Boasting a wonderful cast, this movie is a delight to watch.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE – A coming of age story with a big heart and soul. Details the friendship between two 17-year-old girls, a German and French and how their friendship blooms with limited verbal communication. A subtly told story suitable for the whole family.

LUBO – This historical war drama set in 1939 focuses on a man who abandoned his family and joined the Swiss army to defend Austria from a potential German invasion. A tragic story about justice, freedom, and love.

May 8 – 29

Screens at all Palace Cinemas.




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