The Tap Pack – REVIEW

The Tap Pack – REVIEW
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Last night, a show with a huge heart landed in Sydney when the Tap Pack’s new production opened at the Sydney Opera House’s Studio Theatre.

We walked into a dimly lit stage with a bar set at the back and showgoers seated with drinks at tables around three sides.


So far the perfect setting for the expected evening of classic tap, recalling the Vegas era of Frank, Sammy and Dean; this was soon upended when the five performers hit the stage.

Immediately you sensed the rapport between them and their connection with audience as they introduced themselves with light hearted banter.


You did not doubt for a moment that these guys are really the good mates that they claimed to be, united by a love for tap, the classic tunes and a good time.

They certainly look the part, with slick suits and skinny ties, and within the first couple of numbers we know that they are also threats in singing, juggling, comedy and especially dancing.

As the show evolves we get to witness the strengths of each member, whether it be Jesse Rasmussen’s percussion prowess on a stage box or the battle of classic and modern tunes between Mark Hill and Ben Brown, with the audience encouraged to take sides.

Everything swings along at a great pace with the musical input of musical director and keyboardist Stefan Nowak and drummer Peter Skelton working with full band backing tracks.

Songs such as “The Lady is a Tramp” and “One For My Baby and One More For The Road” and “Putting on the Ritz” get makeovers and mixed up with tunes from Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran.

Overseeing the action with an engaging mix of cool and dork is the bespectacled creative director Jordan Pollard who makes the amazing feats of skill that we are witnessing seem relatable.

What these guys can do juggling bottles sourced from the bar or throwing pool cues around with balletic precision is way beyond the level of most acts, but the showstopper is Thomas Egan’s solo tap routine that shows how tapping can be elevated into the realm of high art.

This is entertainment at its purest with no tricks other than sheer talent and enthusiasm.

There is no message here except one to have a great time and for the audience to be fully entertained for 90 minutes, but be careful, a night with these guys may have you coming back for more.

Until July 30

The Studio, Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point


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