REVIEW: Wrestling in Sydney’s Spiegeltent

REVIEW: Wrestling in Sydney’s Spiegeltent
Image: Credit: Sarah Newman at New Photography Studios.

Established in 2018, Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA) Black Label has delighted audiences with its irreverent and endlessly entertaining style of wrestling.

Friday evening was no different. Titled RINGMASTERS, the event saw a colourful clash between wrestling and circus entertainment, showcasing the immense talent of Australian wrestlers.

The lineup featured a diverse range of fighters, each presenting a unique blend of athleticism, character and drama.

The spectacle began with a mesmerising performance by Miss Eli Fury, who played and danced effortlessly with fire.

Miss Eli Fury enthralled the audience as she traced the flames over her arms and swallowed fire, and her skill was masterful.

The performance was a hypnotic opening to the wrestling entertainment that followed, beginning with Charli Evans,  who was adorned in clown makeup and fearless against Ben Braxton.

The light-hearted dance numbers that bookmarked the various battles were very enjoyable, particularly when the performance by the Backslide Girlz was interrupted, with tensions erupting into a full-blown brawl.

One of the standout matches of the evening saw The Tuckman defending his title against the Sniper Of The Skies, Robbie Eagles. The intensity between the two was almost palpable – the crowd cheered, or booed, with every daring move.

As part of the Tag Team Championship, Street King and Illusion were particularly commendable for their audience engagement, eliciting genuine feelings of tension and anticipation from attendees.

While some wrestlers’ performance at times fell short – hands pre-emptively placed in preparation for the next blow or throw – they overall showed impressive skill and dedication to their craft.

The final match was a standout, featuring 2023 champion Jessica Troy, Australia’s first and only female heavyweight champion to date.

Her performance was thrilling and immersive as she triumphed over Sam Osbourne. Her final line to the audience –  “Man, I feel like a woman!” – led into an inclusive dance number, ending the evening of endless entertainment on a high.

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