REVIEW: Sherlock Holmes & The Death On Thor Bridge

REVIEW: Sherlock Holmes & The Death On Thor Bridge

The Genesian Theatre are pros at staging whodunnits and Sherlock Holmes & The Death On Thor Bridge, a world first adaptation, is no different.

With a visually stunning set by master set designer Tom Bannerman, the stage is meticulously suited to the confines of the small Genesian stage. Superbly lit to evoke the interiors of the Victorian era while at the same time reflecting the rippling of the waters beneath Thor Bridge. The costumes and props too have been researched and matched to the period so that nothing is out of place. Very fitting considering that the character of Sherlock Holmes played by, Patrick Magee, is extremely fussy and cannot abide things in the wrong place. No puzzle must be left unsolved.

Magee has a unique understanding of Holmes’ character and shadows him to perfection. In fact the casting of all the characters leaves no stone unturned and all are believably multi-faceted. Stand out performances from Myles Waddell as Detective Phillips and Krassy Alexandrova as Senhora Sofia.

The play was chosen by director, Carlin Hurdis, because it is, “unique in the Sherlock cannon in having female protagonists.” It’s not a case of, ‘Did the butler do it?’, but rather, Did the governess do it? A fiery Brazillian wife suspects the governess of her children of having an affair with her husband. When the wife is found dead on Thor Bridge Sherlock is appointed to solve the case.

Adapted by Sandra Bass, this play is an authentic journey into the world of East London and the strange goings on in the domain of legendary sleuth, Sherlock Holmes. So I guess, “It’s elementary dear Watson.”

Until Apr 4. Genesian Theatre, 420 Kent St, Sydney. $30-$35+b.f. Tickets & Info:

Reviewed by Renee Lou Dallow

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