REVIEW: Crunch Time

After an extremely successful career spanning 50 years playwright David Williamson has announced his retirement leaving audiences with his final theatrical production, an engaging story of family relationships.

Veteran actor John Wood is Steve, a headstrong and insensitive father of two sons who “has won an incredibly unlucky lottery” and is dying of cancer. He desperately needs to reconcile with his estranged son Luke, whom he hasn’t seen in eight years.

His wife, astutely portrayed by Diane Craig, urges her son to visit his terminally ill father iterating that “to die without saying goodbye is unspeakably cruel.” Luke is at war with his father but are his grievances justified?

Themes of family division, sibling rivalry, the favourite child syndrome, forgiveness, divorce, love, and death emerge, many of which may be relatable to audiences. Laced with humour, comedy accelerates in the second half and subplots of marital indiscretions and romantic entanglements should have audiences laughing profusely.

Euthanasia which is currently quite topical in public debate is a major element in the second half of the play and humorously allures the storyline of drug-trafficking.

The heart-warming conclusion to this dramatic and very funny play should leave audiences tearful, but many may ponder over the message resonated; should we forget the past and concentrate on what’s happening now?

A must-see for all theatregoers. (MMo)

Until Apr 9. Ensemble Theatre, 78 McDougall St, Kirribilli. $38-$82+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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