Opera For Everyone

Opera For Everyone

Have you always been intimidated by opera but intrigued by its majesty?

If this sounds like you then Opera Australia has just the program. Opera Australia’s new program access looks to eliminate one of the largest barriers to entry for new opera attendees. 

Many of the top shows bring with them exorbitant ticket prices, which can be very off-putting for someone who simply wants to experiment with a new entertainment medium. As such the Wakil access program offers tickets for just $20 to 8,700 people.

Launched in 2015 with the assistance of the Susan & Isaac Wakil Foundation the access program encourages first time opera-goes to dive into this beautiful medium. Since the program launched it has allowed enough first-time attendees to fill the Joan Sutherland Theatre nearly six times over, which is more than double the Susan & Isaac Foundation ever anticipated.

Tickets are offered via a ballot system to people who have pre-registered on the Opera Australia website.

This year tickets are available to shows such as; Don Giovanni, Carmen, and Faust.

To enter the ballot head to www.opera.org.au

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