New single and a tour for Scatter Light

New single and a tour for Scatter Light
Image: Scatter Light. Image: Instagram


Scatter Light has emerged as a captivating force in the Australian music scene, masterfully marrying influences from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s rock with a modern, psychedelic twist. The band has shared exciting news about their forthcoming tour, scheduled to kick off in Brisbane in November. The tour is a prelude to the release of their new single, “Too Late Now”, set to drop on November 28.

Scatter Light’s music lies in the rich traditions of power trio bands while channelling the spirit of ’70s and ’80s Australian pub rock legends such as The Angels and Midnight Oil. What sets them apart, however, is their bold fusion of raw, grungy power rock of the past with a vibrant and colourful psychedelic soundscape that resonates with today’s audiences.

Scatter Light. Image: Instagram

Scatter Light came into being in early 2020, a testament to the power of creativity in even the most challenging times. What makes this band truly unique is the diverse background of its members. While the front man, Ollie, is not classically trained, his fellow bandmates, Cairn and James, bring a classical training background to the mix. This blend of artistic expression and technical proficiency creates a harmonious dynamic essential to Scatter Light’s distinctive sound. As Ollie describes it, “We’ve struck a balance where we’re all equally artists and proficient in our instruments, without leaning too heavily in either direction.”

The name ‘Scatter Light’ was inspired by a captivating view witnessed from Ollie’s balcony, where the setting sun painted the sky with a vivid array of colours. Curious about this phenomenon, Ollie discovered it was called ‘light scattering.’ The name perfectly encapsulates the band’s mission to scatter and disperse a spectrum of emotions through their music.

Instead of confining themselves to a single emotional dimension, the band embraces the full spectrum of human feelings. Ollie notes:

“As humans, we don’t just have one set of feelings we express.” To achieve this, they’ve carefully structured their performances to take the audience on an emotional rollercoaster. Their musical narrative commences with high-energy moments, dips into deeper and more poignant passages, and builds to a grand finale.

Scatter Light has announced their “Too Late Now” single launch tour will kick off in  November, playing cities along the East coast. For those looking to catch their latest tracks, you can stream their songs on Spotify and Apple Music.

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