Max Barton’s exploration of life – OOL

Max Barton’s exploration of life – OOL
Image: Max Barton in OOL Image: Sydney Fringe Festival

Theatre maker and composer, Max Barton, explores the Origin Of Life in the world premiere of their new production, OOL, coming to Sydney this September. 

This new solo-show plans to answer all questions, as audiences are taken on a playful yet emotional journey delving into where life truely begins. 

Utilising looped music, metaphysics and one big bang, the unique show blends live music and science into theatre production like never before. Designed by Luna Laure and written by Barton, the show provides insight into what it means to ‘act now’ and how to appreciate the present moment.

Presented by Second Body, the award-winning UK production company founded by Barton and Jethro Cooke, the company is known for their experimental theatre productions.

Since starting the company in 2019, the pair have received critical acclaim for their work. Their debut show, STYX, helped the company be shortlisted for a Total Theatre Award, whilst Concept for a Film received the SYNZ Tour Ready and Most Innovative Work awards at NZ Fringe this year. 

The pair have continued their dedication to environmental activism and theatre, blending current socio-political discussions and music through the creation of OOL.

Check out this insightful and unique production joining the Sydney Fringe Festival this September. 

September 19-23, PACT, 107 Railway Parade, Erskineville NSW 2043. From $34.00+b.f.

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