March Dance

The 2020 Sydney March Dance festival will begin its second year running throughout the month of March, featuring 114 dance events in 31 days. A project created by Independence Dance Alliance (IDA), the festival aims to celebrate and showcase independent dance artists in Sydney.

March Dance will see 195 artists and over 16 organisations presenting new dance works, engaging in workshops, teaching and participating in dance classes, residencies, screenings, forums and talks throughout the entire month. March Dance celebrates diversity in the growing independent dance community of Sydney and seeks to showcase this to a wider audience.

Sydney dance artist Elle Evangelista will present her newest dance solo piece 30THIRTY as part of the festival. Evangelista’s newest performance celebrates turning 30 and the dreams and changes that come along with the milestone.

Evangelista, shared the inspiration behind the dance piece saying, “I was thinking about what I wanted to do for my 30th birthday. I realised the only way I truly wanted to celebrate was to be alone by myself in a dance studio, make a solo show and invite everyone to come watch!”

Evangelista went on to say: “It’s the ultimate birthday gift to myself, however, it also has a strong choreographic viewpoint and rigorous dancing.”

Evangelista is excited to present 30THIRTY as part of the second year of the March Dance festival saying, “The festival highlights just how much dance is happening in Sydney… it’s great that independent dancers from Sydney are able to occupy venues and share their work with the wider community.”

Although turning 30 can be a daunting experience, Evangelista hopes to celebrate with the audience and said, “hopefully in a time of uncertainty and discouragement 30THIRTY can be an hour of relief, reflection, fun and joy.”

March Dance Festival

Mar 1-31. Various Locations & Prices. Tickets & Info:


Mar 20-21. East Sydney Community And Arts Centre, 34 Burton Street, Darlinghurst. $25+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Madison Behringer

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