Mamma Mia! – REVIEW

Mamma Mia! – REVIEW
Image: Willoughby Theatre Company - Mamma Mia - Image: Grant Leslie Photography


This month’s not-to-be-missed show is Mamma Mia!  Willoughby Theatre Company brings this party to Sydney for our greatest pleasure, and it is not disappointing at all.

“Just the fun show we all need to see out 2022,” the director Declan Moore said.

Having been a performer in over 100 productions and directed around 90 shows, Moore knows how to dazzle an audience. This jukebox party musical makes you want to stand up and dance with the actors and Moore, accompanied by his team, do not fail to bring this sentiment into our hearts.

Willoughby Theatre Company – Mamma Mia – Grant Leslie Photography

Between all the mind-blowing performances, the fantastic dance numbers and the hilarious comedy moments is a  mix of love stories, sweet family relationships and friendships.  Astonishing dance numbers and funny moments will leave you laughing in tears –  you will, for sure, love at least one of the musical numbers.

Taking place in Greece, the story begins with Sophie Sheridan: a 20-year-old who seeks to unveil one last mystery before tying the knot with her fiancé, Sky – finding out who her father is. After reading her mum, Donna’s diary she finds out that three men could potentially be her father: Bill, Harry and Sam. She then makes the insane decision to secretly invite the three of them to the wedding.

Willoughby Theatre Company – Mamma Mia – Grant Leslie Photography
Willoughby Theatre Company – Mamma Mia – Grant Leslie Photography

All the songs featured in the show are from the beloved Swedish band Abba.

Choreographer Amy Curtin and Musical Director Matthew Herne bring to life favourite ABBA songs on stage including “Money Money Money” and  “Lay all your love on Me” which are enchanting.

The voices of Karen Oliver who plays Donna Sheridan and Stephanie Edmonds as Sophie Sheridan are ringing and penetrating. Their beautiful performances are deeply touching and a tribute to the Swedish band.

Willoughby Theatre Company – Mamma Mia – Grant Leslie Photography

The rest of the cast do a fantastic job with musical numbers that both carry you away and are humorous.

Moore, Curtin and Herne’s work is terrific, as is that of the entire cast.

This show is definitely a must to watch, especially on bad rainy days. You are guaranteed to leave the theatre with a huge smile on your face, feeling extremely joyful and with songs filling your head.

Until October 23

The Concourse, 409 Victoria Ave, Chatswood



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