Limbo – REVIEW

Limbo – REVIEW
Image: Cast of LIMBO THE RETURN. Credit: Damien Bredburg

Blanc de Blanc was always going to be a hard act to follow, but Scott Maidment and co at The Grand Electric have done it with flying colours — literally. Limbo is a frenetic spectacle of beauty, silliness, wonder, and lots and lots of feathers. 

Unlike Blanc de Blanc, there are no MCs in Limbo, in fact, barely any spoken word. The effective ringleader is Sxip Shirey, who hails from New York and looks like a mad professor. He is responsible for the esoteric electronic music featuring instruments that include a modified Mini Moog synthesiser, a harmonica, a marble rolling around a glass bowl, and his own processed voice. 

Sxip Shirey with marble in glass bowl, LIMBO THE RETURN. Credit: Damien Bredburg

Also in the band is Grant Arthur (Melbourne) on several instruments, but most notably, a sousaphone — a type of tuba — that appears to be indestructible. Mick Stuart (Sydney) provides the rhythm and the beat on drums and bass, as well as miscellaneous instruments. 

Hilton Denis is the very charismatic choreographer who dazzles in a couple of old-school tap routines. 

Hilton Denis in LIMBO THE RETURN. Credit: Damien Bredburg

Clara Fable in LIMBO THE RETURN. Credit: Damien Bredburg

The performing troupe is an international elite: Ben Loader (London); Clara Fable (Sydney); David Marco Pintado (Spain); Maria Moncheva (Austria); Mikael Bres (France). They each have extraordinary multifaceted talent and their distinct individual showpiece. Mikael Bres’ Chinese Pole routine is a heart-stopper. Clara Fable’s fire-breathing act is unbelievable, the very last bit of which was almost unbearable to watch.  

There is walking/sitting/spinning on the slack-rope; aerials on dual chains; rope aerial; swinging on vertical poles; whips, and, as mentioned before, lots and lots of feathers.  

LIMBO THE RETURN. Credit: Damien Bredburg

The purpose-built Grand Electric is the consummate venue for a show like this; it’s old-world interior has elements of spiegeltent and vaudeville theatre. The conventional stage at the front and peninsula stage coming out into the audience allow for performances that are grand or intimate. 

Limbo features the grand and the intimate, fully engaging audiences so that the show feels like one big party. 

LIMBO THE RETURN. Credit: Damien Bredburg

Everyone will be talking about this show — don’t stand there wondering why, go and see it. 

Playing now

The Grand Electric, 199 Cleveland St, Surry Hills

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