Let’s Tidy Up – REVIEW

Let’s Tidy Up – REVIEW

After an absence of 4 years and performing successfully in the US, award-winning Aussie comedian Josh Thomas has returned to Australia with his brand new and outrageously funny stand-up comedy Let’s Tidy Up.

For readers of this publication who are not familiar with this very talented and energetic comedian (is that possible?) he’s 36 years of age, born and bred in Brisbane. He took to the stage in his younger years as a therapeutic platform to counteract his shyness and his inability to converse with people.

The rest is history having gained much exposure on television programs including ABC’s comedy drama series Please Like Me and Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation for Network 10.

The first thing audiences notice when they walk into the theatre is the brightly lit stage overflowing with confetti and a table in the center. The theme of the show is change – can he change, or should he? Should he tidy up his home – his life to be more precise?

Nothing is sacred in this show which highlights Thomas’ prowess in stand-up comedy. He co-wrote the show with his friend Lally Katz.

Some of the topics he tackles in his hilarious stories include childhood memories, awkwardness in social scenarios, therapy, anal and oral sex, herpes, and even tinder gets a mention. He deviates from G-rated to sexually explicit material that should leave most audiences roaring out in laughter.

Josh Thomas onstage. Image: Sydney Opera House

Thomas is openly gay, autistic and suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). He includes these personal aspects of his life in his show.

Thomas is lovable, cheeky, and very naughty in this stand-up comedy which is exclusively for adults. It’s not a show for everyone, as prudish audiences may find much of the material somewhat offensive.

However, his fanbase know exactly what to expect from Josh Thomas’ style of comedy and they won’t be disappointed. The show is cleverly written and has a running time of 70 minutes with no intermission.

Judging by the audience reaction on opening night Josh Thomas is onto another success story. Audiences were gasping for air from excessive ‘laugh out loud’ laughter which seemed to continue as they exited the theater.

So, hurry! Be sure to purchase your tickets to a performance by Josh Thomas at his comedic best, as his last show in Sydney is on February 18 and then he embarks on a national tour until May.


Until Feb 18

Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point.


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