It’s a love story: fans unite for Taylor Swift

It’s a love story: fans unite for Taylor Swift
Image: Taylor Swift performing in Melbourne. Image: Getty


Swiftie, non-swiftie, or casual fan, the nation has been flooded by everything Taylor Swift amid her recent tour. The girl who once played at small venues with her guitar has become an international pop sensation.  

The Eras Tour, reflected on each stage in Swift’s career, from beginning to present, and has united older fans, who saw Swift’s transition from country to pop, with a younger generation of Swifties who know every word to her latest pop hits. 

When Australian shows were announced for Sydney and Melbourne in June last year, initial dates sold out within hours. Due to the high demand, extra shows were added for each city, which again sold out in no time. 

Taylor Swift. Image: Getty

Fans began preparing for the concerts months in advance. Inspired by the high-quality production level of the show and Swift’s dazzling presence on stage, Swifties created DIY costumes involving sparkles, glitter, and lots of colours, each representing their favourite album, song, or Taylor Swift era. 

Many concert attendees also re-created looks and outfits that Swift herself wore on stage, including the bejewelled bodysuit she wore during her Lover era set. Others took cues from her most popular music videos, re-creating Swift’s “Junior Jewels” t-shirt featured in the “You Belong With Me” video released in 2009. 

The popularised bracelet phenomenon further connected Swifties from all eras. Friendship bracelets made a comeback for The Eras Tour, with some fans making hundreds of colourful beaded bracelets to trade with other concert-goers. Most bracelets spelt out the names of Taylor Swift songs and album titles, while others feature lyrics, inside jokes, and niche fandom references. 

Eras Tour friendship bracelets. Image: Instagram

When the nights of the Australian concerts finally arrived in February, crowds broke astonishing records for Swift. The popstar played to 96,000 people a night over three sold-out shows at the MCG in Melbourne, the largest crowd Swift has ever performed to in her entire career.

At her second Sydney concert on February 25, high-pitched applause and an ongoing standing ovation filled Accor Stadium. This came after Swift performed her song “Champagne Problems” as part of her Evermore era set. The rapid clapping and cheering left the superstar momentarily speechless, referring to the Sydney crowd as “wild”.  

Taylor Swift “Junior Jewels” t-shirt. Image: flckr

Although the Australian Eras Tour saw such a high attendance, many Taylor Swift fans were disappointed after their unsuccessful attempts to secure tickets in the sale. However, this setback did not stop passionate Swifties. On each concert night, fans who could not make it inside the venue set up camp outside, dressed in sparkling outfits and trading handmade bracelets.

The volume of Taylor Swift’s powerful voice and the tune of her songs were heard loud and clear from outside the stadium. Even without seeing her face, the fans outside united with those inside, singing along to her journey throughout the eras. 

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