Giant Dwarf Won’t Reopen Due To ‘Uncertainty’ Surrounding ‘Ongoing Pandemic’

Giant Dwarf Won’t Reopen Due To ‘Uncertainty’ Surrounding ‘Ongoing Pandemic’

Overnight the management team behind Redfern’s Giant Dwarf Theatre took to social media to make the devastating announcement that the venue would not be reopening.

“It is with the heaviest of heart that we share the news that our doors will not be reopening,” read the statement. The team then went on to site difficulties the venue faced during the second COVID-19 lockdown in Sydney and the uncertainty of the “ongoing pandemic” as the reasoning behind the decision.

“The second lockdown really hit us hard and we have been unable to find a way to continue. Even with a reduction in rent during the lockdown period, it is so difficult to continue in such uncertain times and very little funding support. We simply cannot survive through this ongoing pandemic. We fought as hard as we could for almost 8 years and we are so proud that we even made it as far as we did and of what [Giant Dwarf] became. This decision was not an easy one to make and we can assure you, we have thought it through.”

The thought process behind this decision is one which many arts venues, promoters and even artists are similarly contemplating. With a lack of government financial support & the risk of reduced capacity or snap shutdown many arts businesses are struggling to make ends meet.

In closing their statement the team at Giant Dwarf thanked everyone who has helped make the venue such a special place for many people.


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