Banging on with Myf and Zan

Banging on with Myf and Zan
Image: BANG ON LIVE! with Myf Warhurst and Zan Rowe at The Melbourne Town Hall. Credit: by Nicole Reed

Myf Warhurst and Zan Rowe have been besties for two decades, and it shows.  They harmonise easily in conversation and clearly have a lot of respect for each other’s thoughts and opinions. They can also riff hilariously on just about any topic — or on nothing at all. 

When podcasting became a thing, it seemed a no-brainer that these two should have a show; they were both au fait with popular culture, had plenty of radio experience between them, and, as Rowe points out, could string a sentence together. 

Bang On came to fruition in 2017. Podcasting was a popular medium but at the time there weren’t many chatty styled podcasts about pop culture that featured two women. Warhurst and Rowe set up their proverbial tent on that barren landscape and now, some seven years later, it is a veritable village. 

BANG ON LIVE! with Myf Warhurst and Zan Rowe at The Melbourne Town Hall. Credit: by Nicole Reed

“It’s a side of ourselves that we don’t get to show on radio, because […] there’s lots of things you have to do when you’re on radio,” says Warhurst. “With this, it’s much more relaxed and it’s just a really lovely way to share our  ideas and thoughts on what’s happening within the culture on a weekly basis. But also to just throw stuff out there between the two of us, too, and work out our own view points while we’re there.”

“People listen to radio and have a very intimate relationship with people they hear on the radio, but podcasts take it that one step further,” adds Rowe. “We just got this sense that people were connecting deeply.”

She was right. People were connecting deeply enough to form a community — the Bang Fam. Neither Warhurst nor Rowe can remember when or how the name came about, but they realised early, through email and socials, that their podcast was garnering a devoted following. 

BANG ON LIVE! with Myf Warhurst and Zan Rowe. Credit: by Nicole Reed

“We’re even getting gifts from people, which is just beautiful. And even gifts for our pets. I’ve got an amazing pair of pyjamas for my dog,” says Warhurst. 

Bang On is a weekly podcast, just under an hour long, in which Warhurst and Rowe talk about subjects in the social and cultural zeitgeist that have prompted public discussion. They do the same thing for the live shows, ensuring the content is fresh and unique for each show. 

There’s been a Bang On Live once a year for the past three or so years, but this national tour is a first. 

“We’ve been wanting to do this Bang On tour for years, really…it’s unlike anything we’ve ever done before,” says Rowe.

“It’s pure joy. It’s just so much fun, And we get to hang out [with each other].

We get to meet all our beautiful listeners who have been with us – a lot of them – since we began,” adds Warhurst.  

Besties, Zan Rowe and Myf Warhurst. Image: hero

A highlight of the live shows is the fashion (pronounced farh-shen) parade at the end in which the audience is invited to participate.

“We’ve cobbled together some high fashion items from our local stores and a lit bit of Bunnings,” teases Warhurst. 

“I mean, we get a lot of very well dressed women at our shows. We ask people to dress up and they really do. I’m so proud of everybody because they all look gorgeous — but we’re also getting a lot of blokes who are coming along who are equally fah-shionable and willing to dress up.”

“People who come along make friends with other people who come along,” says Rowe, summing up the vibe. “Everyone is there not just to watch the show but to be with their community, the community they love.”

Sydney Comedy Festival

Sat 18 May, 5pm

Enmore Theatre, Enmore Rd, Newtown

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