Georgia Grace on Ethical Non-monogamy/polyamory

Georgia Grace on Ethical Non-monogamy/polyamory
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Ethical non-monogamy and polyamory are likely two terms you have seen floating around more these days. Whether it’s on an episode of the Bachelor or a dating profile, it seems these non-exclusive styles of dating are growing rapidly in popularity. You might even be tempted to ask yourself, “is this perhaps for me?”.

According to renowned sex therapist and Abbie Chatfield associate Georgia Grace, the only real person who can answer that question is you.

“Monogamy is not for everyone in the same way that non-monogamy isn’t for everyone,” she told City Hub. “We are all really unique in our needs and desires”.



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If non-monogamy is something you’re interested in, but not sure your partner will be, the one thing Georgia said is key is to approach the conversation “with curiosity, not judgement”, and to approach the conversation in a diplomatic way. Your partner might even surprise you with their enthusiasm.

Georgia also highlighted the importance of timing. “Not just before, during or after sex” is key, as well as avoiding the conversation just after a major conflict.

As awareness to non-monogamous and polyamorous relationships spread, it might be easy to write off this set-up as impractical and unrealistic. However, monogamy most certainly isn’t for everyone, and knowing how to appropriately navigate these potentially difficult conversations in a relationship is key.

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