Construction begins for new animal rescue shelter in Randwick

Construction begins for new animal rescue shelter in Randwick
Image: Common ringtail possum. Wikimedia Commons



Construction is underway for a new animal rescue shelter in Randwick.

The new purpose-built facility will be built for volunteer organisation Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES) in Randwick Council’s sustainability education ‘hub’ on Munda Street, adjacent to the Environment Park.

The new space will replace the current shelter in Randwick Environment Park that is more than two decades old and has deteriorated.

Randwick Mayor Philipa Veitch said, “Randwick Council is proud to support WIRES with the construction of a new, custom-built facility that will be safer and easier for volunteers to work in and care for injured and sick wildlife.”

“The important work that WIRES volunteers do every day to keep our native animals and birds safe and healthy helps sustain the rich biodiversity that we have in Sydney’s east and the beautiful environment that we all enjoy.”

In 2022-23, the WIRES 24/7 Rescue Office received Randwick facility received more than 5,700 reports about wildlife in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

75 per cent of those reports were carried out by the Randwick facility.

Animals cared for at the Randwick facility include ringtail and brushtail possums, rainbow lorikeets, currawongs, cockatoos, galahs, magpies, plovers, kookaburras, and blue-tongue lizards.

WIRES CEO Leanne Taylor said the new facility would guarantee a permanent native animal care and rehabilitation solution.

“WIRES believes it will be seen as a flagship model for those councils around Australia who along with their communities are also seeking to protect and preserve their local unique and much-loved wildlife,” she said.

The new WIRES facility will include eight possum pens that can be converted to smaller cages to accommodate smaller animals, two bird cages, one flight aviary and equipment storage space.

WIRES East Branch Chair Eliana Leopold saying that “This new rehabilitation centre will make a huge difference and an invaluable resource for both our wildlife and our volunteers.”

WIRES have jointly funded the project alongside the NSW Government and the Randwick City Council. In addition, the NSW Government has contributed a $400,000 grant under its Metropolitan Greenspace Program.

Construction is expected to be completed by the end of November 2024.

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