Bob Downe and get Jazzy

Bob Downe and get Jazzy
Image: Bob Downe. Image: ©johnmcrae

It’s party time late August at the Paddo RSL as the Prince of Polyester, Bob Downe, celebrates the 25th anniversary of Jazzy, his album of choice cuts that was nominated for an ARIA award, at a time when the pointy gong meant something.

With one show already sold out, Bob’s people have added two new dates: Saturday 26 August at 8.00pm sharp and Sunday 27 August, 7.00pm.

Never one to let a good excuse for a party slip by, Bob is waxing lyrical about the gig and the venue when he says: “It’s a fabulous room with refurbished lights and sound, in such as great location.”


Pastel and Bob. Image: supplied

Everyone on the rainbow spectrum is encouraged to come to the show — Bob promises he performs in a safe space (namely, the shower with the curtain tightly closed).

Bob adds that the food downstairs is great and he is encouraging everyone to get there early so that they are guaranteed a feed.

Ever conscious of the environment, Bob told City Hub that he always travels to his gigs by bus, a move that should be taken up by upcoming stars like Taylor Swift, who is only too eager to show off her large retinue and is destroying the planet in doing so.

Bob Downe. Image: ©johnmcrae

Bob is looking forward to the show for another reason, as it is his first time out in 25 years.

“I have been cryogenically frozen, just waiting for the anniversary to come around,” Bob said.

Jazzy is a collection of jazz greats that Bob performs with Pastel Vespa, who is described on her website as “the Voice of Spring, a fresh daisy in dappled sunlight”.

“She’s always a delight to work with, a wonderful singer, pretty as ever, and besides, I help her with her immigration papers,” said Bob about Pastel.

Pastel and Bob. Image: supplied

What you will get on the night is Bob and Pastel, a real live jazz band and Bob’s favourite songs including “Yeh Yeh, “Mack the Knife”, and “Fly Me To The Moon”.

“These are my all time classics,” Bob said.

For these special evenings on a hot August night the Paddo Rissole is being configured into get up close with Bob space, and further away, but still in Bob space mode.

As promised, Bob is not getting any older, it’s just that the awards have gotten smaller.

August 26 and 27

Paddo RSL, 220 – 232 Oxford St, Paddington




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