Best of Sydney 2021


The past 12-18 months have perhaps been some of the most challenging that our generation has or will ever face. We’ve dealt with bushfires, protests, political in-fighting, idealogical attacks, cancel culture run-amok, health order restrictions, and the most impactful of them all, lockdowns! Even the air that we breathe everyday has turned on us and become poisoned by COVID-19, so we’ve all been forced to become more resilient than ever before.
Over the course of 2020-21 we have witnessed numerous events postponed constantly. Many ultimately succumbing to the pressure and pulling the pin entirely. The most notable of these being Vivid, an event from which we drew the inspiration for our cover artwork this year. Whilst Vivid may not be going ahead in 2021 due to the ongoing ‘stay at home’ health orders we are using our 26th iteration of the ‘Best Of Sydney’ edition to shine a bright and colourful light on the best small business and arts institutions from which our city’s cultural foundation is built upon.
These very businesses and organisations are some of the hardest hit during the current lockdown. Whilst some may be able to continue with take-away or click & collect offerings many have been forced to close their doors with no solid date for reopening in sight. Yes the government has provided some emergency financial assistance, but devastatingly for some of the businesses and organisations listed this year, it simply may not be enough.
With this in mind we are again proud to highlight the ‘Best Of Sydney’ with the hope that sooner rather than later we will all be able to get out and support them again. That moment when we are able to once again visit these businesses is going to be a mutually beneficial exchange. Not only will they receive a much needed cash injection from us but we will get the mental, emotional, and cultural stimulus that we have all been desperately missing.

Editor: Jamie Apps

Contributors: Tessa Pelle, Gemma Billington, Katelyn Milligan, Lucinda Garbutt-Young, Sasha Foot, Elysia Cook and Aston Brown.


Cover and icon art: Josh Fikret (JXT Designs)


Best Indigenous Art
Best Home Decor
Best Crystals
Best Plants & Garden
Best Vinyl Store
Best Pop Culture Store


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