Antenna Documentary Film Festival 2019

Antenna Documentary Film Festival 2019

This film festival returns to Sydney presenting an exciting program of 50 of the finest and most captivating documentaries produced globally in the past year. The escalating popularity of this festival has resulted in its duration being increased to 11 days, which gives documentary enthusiasts the chance to catch more screenings.

An award-winning selfie-style documentary which should be absorbing viewing for Australian audiences is Selfie, filmed in the socially inept neighbourhoods of Naples and directed by Agostino Ferrente. This follows two teenagers as they capture their own lives on an iPhone.

“It’s a film seen through the eyes of those who often can only look without having the right to speak. The protagonists are the cameramen and they film themselves as if they are looking at themselves and their lives in the mirror,” explained Ferrente.

Many teenagers leave school and owing to the high level of unemployment are unable to find work so they defer to crime and are dubious of their future. “It’s not that those born in these neighbourhoods are more genetically predisposed to crime – it’s the social inequality that creates the conditions that lead to deviance. Since birth they do not have elementary rights – they are classified as second-class citizens, children of a lesser god.”

Ferrente whose relatives emigrated to Sydney is pleased that his documentary is being screened at Antenna. “It’s always great that documentaries are screened globally in the hope that the local stories may have universal value to foreign audiences. This has already been the case with Selfie in many other international film festivals and I am curious to see whether this will be the case with Australian audiences – obviously, I hope so.” (MMo)

Oct 17-27. Various Venues. $18.50-$95+b.f. Tickets & Info:


DON’T BE A DICK ABOUT IT (United States) – Filmed over one summer, this is a funny yet poignant portrait of the lives of two young brothers living in Marylands US.

IN THE ARMS OF MORPHEUS (Netherlands) – Follows the life of a girl who is constantly tired and the adverse effect of the prescribed medicines she consumes.

THE GREAT STRIKE 1917 (Australia) – In 1917 100,000 Australian workers went on strike when a card system was introduced to increase output. This led to violence and blood flow.


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