Micah P. Hinson – …and the Red Empire Orchestra

Micah P. Hinson – …and the Red Empire Orchestra

 …and the Red Empire Orchestra – Micah P. Hinson

By Chris Peken

Micah P Hinson is not much to look at, and a quick search will reveal a background of pain, addiction and time served – all before the age of twenty; but here on album number three he continues a remarkable musical journey and personal resurrection. Micah has gone and gotten himself hitched since we last heard from him, and it shows. Mixed with the usual beautiful but melancholic fare of heartbreak and misery are beautiful tunes of love and longing. From the opening whispers of Come Home Quickly Darlin’ to Sunrise Over the Olympus Mons Hinson’s new found happiness is evident. But if you want to wallow, don’t fear, When We Embraced and The Fire Came Up to My Knees should keep you well satiated. Equally impressive is Micah’s new outfit, The Red Empire Orchestra, featuring members of The Polyphonic Spree, who bring a light and fullness to his sound, never better than on I Keep Havin’ These Dreams, where violins flutter about, cello’s are soulfully grounded and strings plucked while Hinson remains contemplatively in the centre of their spell. A beautifully soulful, honest and refreshing collection of songs for any soul.


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