A theatrical venture into darkness

A theatrical venture into darkness
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Darkness is an original theatrical experience for theatregoers who are tired of watching the Broadway spectacular style of productions and who would prefer to watch something completely different.

This experience is inspired by a rainy weekend in 1816 when a group of intellectuals who were incredible storytellers gathered in an old, abandoned house. English novelist Mary Shelley was present at the gathering and that was the weekend the gothic story of Frankenstein was conceived.

“However, we’re not recreating that weekend, it’s not a period piece it’s about being inspired by that time period and creating something new,” explained director, Dino Dimitriadis.

The event has been re-imagined by a writing team in a more contemporary context.

“We wanted to create an experience that draws the best parts of theatre and the best part of something more experiential into the work,” enthused Dimitriadis. “It’s also a work that responds to sight. We are in an interesting old building that’s coming alive for the work, so we’re creating something that takes us into the world of the people and the story, but also opens up different worlds for audiences”.

The Library in Eliza Street Newtown. image: supplied

This is site-responsive theatre performed at The Library, a specially designed building which was the old Newtown School of Arts. This establishment is quite important because people will step off the street and enter a completely different world, a world that basically consumes the entire building.

Darkness runs for two hours and has an ensemble of seven actors with five playing key characters in the work. To enhance the experience there’s atmospheric music and sound compositions.

“This is both a drama and fantasia. There are elements to this that are fantastical and part of that is being in the building and your ability to think about the work in this unique experience that will transport audiences to another world for a while . There is a continuum and a solidity between past, future, and present.”

Dimitriades is adamant that Darkness should appeal to a broad audience, for people who want to experience something different and be transported in story.

“It’s also for people who want their experience of theatre to be bigger than going to a black box and then going home – that they can make a night of it. You can hang around, drink at the bar, and reflect afterwards,” concluded Dimitriadis.

Jan 10 – February 19

The Library, 5 Eliza Street Newtown.


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