Traffic warnings ahead of new Inner West interchange

Traffic warnings ahead of new Inner West interchange
Image: Minister for Roads, John Graham. Image: John Graham/Facebook


The Rozelle Interchange is slated to open for motorists by the end of the year, with the NSW Government warning riders of difficulties navigating the complex road system.

The labyrinth of underground tunnels will connect the M4 and M8 link through St Peters and Haberfield, Anzac Bridge, the City West Link, Iron Cove, and West Harbour Tunnel by 2028.

As the project reaches its final stages, the NSW Minister for Roads and Transport urges drivers to be aware and prepared when navigating the tunnels.

Driver animations

In order to assist drivers, the government has produced new virtual reality videos of the tunnel and road changes, providing a visual understanding of new travel paths.

Minister for Transport John Graham says drivers should begin to prepare for the new routes as he announced the animated videos.

“Now is a good time for drivers to start thinking about their journeys and how they may change after the opening of the interchange,” said Mr Graham.

Screen-capture of driver animation video, Iron Cove Bridge to M8. Image: Transport for NSW

“These videos provide a preview of the new connections and will help in planning… We expect drivers will take time to adjust to the new roads and route options, but these videos will give a head start.”

Transport for NSW Coordinator General Howard Collins also reiterated the significance for road users within the area to utilise the animations.

“These driver animation and flyover videos will help people familiarise themselves with the new routes as motorists familiarise themselves with the interchange and its various connection points,” Mr Collins explained.

“These new additions to the road network will require a change of behaviour for drivers and we are eager to help the public as much as possible before the green light goes on for Rozelle Interchange.”

Traffic expected

Leading up to the interchange’s opening, Mr Graham predicts “an increase in congestion” in the mornings, specifically along Victoria Road, the City West Link and the new M4 exit ramp.

From Tuesday, November 7, the Crescent overpass connecting Annandale and Glebe to Victoria Road and Anzac Bridge will open. The overpass will be accessible from Johnston Street or Link Road.

Artist Impression of Rozelle Interchange completed. Image: Transport for NSW/Facebook

Whilst the new access is provided, a left turn from The Crescent, going west-bound, will be temporarily unavailable for 4 weeks leading up to opening of the rest of the interchange.

The Interchange is a part of the WestConnex project and will soon be completed after construction began in December 2018. The intricate road system stretches 16.6 kilometres underground.

Along with new tunnels and road changes, pedestrian and recreational areas have also been implemented within the project. New recreational and sporting facilities run along the eastbound area across the City West Link.

The new parklands will be accessible by additional cyclist and pedestrian bridges from Lilyfield’s Railway Parade and the Rozelle tram station.

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