The Way Home opens at Potts Point Gallery, STATION

The Way Home opens at Potts Point Gallery, STATION
Image: Dorothy Dickey at IGLA 2020

STATION gallery has just unveiled Nell’s latest solo exhibition, The Way Home, which continues her investigation into the nature of human existence. Set amongst the intimately scaled Potts Point gallery, Nell’s exhibition reflects on the significance of ‘home’ as both a literal and symbolic space – one that has become especially loaded in the past two years.

In her distinctive style, Nell has transformed of a collection of found items, natural materials and handmade objects into works that are simultaneously poetic and playful: text-based paintings on Buddhist ceremonial robes, anthropomorphic ceramics, and sculptures made from wooden clogs and walking sticks.

Alongside motifs that will be recognisable to all familiar with Nell’s visual language – smiley faces, open mouthed ‘oohs’, ghosts and eggs – are imagery suggestive of travel or journey: a boat’s rudder to steer, clogs for the feet and walking sticks to steady, and a guiding sun to light The Way Home.

Until Mar 26. STATION, Suite 201, 20 Bayswater Road, Potts Point.

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