The Scandalous Adore Händel Lands At Qtopia Pride Fest

The Scandalous Adore Händel Lands At Qtopia Pride Fest
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Adore Händel will grace the stage of Qtopia Sydney’s Loading Dock Theatre on the 16th of June during Sydney’s inaugural Pride Fest season.

On this night Adore will step into the spotlight with their Little Black Book, to whisk you back in time to the ages of Mozart, Vivaldi and Bach and recount their humorous and whimsical escapades full of love affairs, sexual exploits and heartfelt confessions; tales that are intertwined with song and quick wits that this sequinned, time traveling songbird is sure will leave you completely enchanted.

This 18th century, pansexual, camp fashionista will enter the stage in period glam and glitz, donning their distinguishing white court wig and gold and red sequined court attire and white face makeup, and a baritone voice to fall in love with.

Little Black Book will open up a unique medley of comedy and drag, weaving in an assortment of original songs, musical theatre and pop classics told through Adore’s operatic flair.

Don’t expect “just a cabaret”

The multitalented Luke Belle, who brings to life this Marie-Antoinette-inspired character of Adore Händel excitedly shares what is in store for the performance.  “Audience’s will be transported to a world where laughter reigns supreme and music holds the key to unlocking secrets long buried,” Belle says.

“This isn’t just a cabaret – it’s a journey of self-discovery, a chance to peel back the layers of my larger-than-life persona and reveal the vulnerabilities hidden beneath,” they added.

“Through a unique blend of comedic storytelling and enchanting music, I invite audiences to join me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from scandalous tales of past lovers to heartfelt confessions of longing and desire.”

The Little Black Book introduces some unique and quirky characters of Händel’s past including Edward, a trombonist and rogue, Thomas, an accountant with an allure for BDSM, Peter an accompanist who’s helping publish the black books and Geroge, a recent lost love.

Adore Händel’s performance will guarantee an unforgettable night filled with scandal, classical musical madness, boisterous laughter and some cheeky scoops on hot 18th century affairs that is worth the price.

The performance will commence on Sunday the 16th this June starting from 6:30pm to 8pm.

Loading Dock Theatre @ Qtopia, 301 Forbes Street Darlinghurst
Sunday 16th June, 6:30pm$35pp

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