Sydney Metro Closes Train Routes Ahead Of Mardi Gras Weekend

Sydney Metro Closes Train Routes Ahead Of Mardi Gras Weekend
Image: Sydney Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras 2020 On Oxford Street. Photo: Ann Marie Calilhanna.


As Sydney prepares to celebrate the 2024 Mardi Gras parade, commuters have been left with some very inconvenient news.

With attendees travelling from across Sydney, New South Wales and the country, public transport heading into the event is at its most crucial this evening.

However Sydney Metro have announced some last minute changes that are set to throw a spanner in the works for many party goers.

Major train lines closed on Mardi Gras weekend

Sydney Metro have announced at short notice that the Sydney North West train line, which travels along Tallawong and Chatswood, will close for six out of the next eight weeks.

The first weekend of that closure however, is the weekend of the Sydney Mardi Gras celebrations.

Adding further inconvenience to the already busy weekend is the announcement that T4, T7 and South Coast lines will also undergo trackwork this weekend, with passengers forced to take replacement buses instead.

And commuters are not happy, taking to social media to vent their concerns.

In response to the concerns Sydney Metro have released a statement.

“Sydney Metro will be conducting testing over the next two months to make sure its trains and control systems are able to transition seamlessly between the existing Metro North West Line and the new city section of Metro before it opens this year.”

While many are feeling the impact of the closures, Sydney Metro have been filling their social media accounts with extra information about public transport routes in and out of the city for the annual celebrations.


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