Sydney businesses will ‘need to adapt’ to single-use plastic ban: City of Sydney councillor

Sydney businesses will ‘need to adapt’ to single-use plastic ban: City of Sydney councillor
Image: New state legislation banning single-use plastic use will come into place later this year. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.


All single-use plastics across NSW will be banned from June this year, forcing many Sydney businesses to change their practices to adhere to the new law.

From June, NSW legislation will prohibit the use of certain single-use plastic items, posing a challenge to hospitality businesses using the products for takeaway services. 

Businesses will no longer be able to supply single-use plastic items to customers when they purchase takeaway food. The legislation is part of the broader plan by the NSW government to phase out single-use plastics and reduce the impact these products have on the environment.

The City of Sydney says that the bans “apply to all businesses, organisations and anyone holding an activity for charitable, sporting, education or community purposes in NSW”. 

The move is set to impact a variety of hospitality and food businesses, which rely on single-use plastic items like plastic bags, polystyrene containers, and plastic straws to conduct their takeaway and dine-in operations.

Sydney businesses will ‘have to adapt’ to plastic ban: Liberal councillor

City of Sydney Liberal councillor Shauna Jarrett told City Hub that the new legislation was a “great step towards all of us achieving our goals around disposable plastics and recycling”. 

Shauna Jarrett. Photo: Sydney Liberals.

“We’re all going to need to adapt to a world where microplastics can’t end up in the waterways,” Cr Jarrett said.

When asked how the government may support businesses’ transition through initiatives or support, Cr Jarrett said that “businesses will just have to adapt, as they always have”. 

“It’s not about great big statements that come to nothing because nobody looks at the actual implementation process – it’s about having sensible legislation that gives communities a reason to make the changes we need to make,” Cr Jarrett said on the tangible impact that this ban will have. 

The legislation is part of a plan by the NSW government to phase out single-use plastics this year, with the plan’s rollout expected to be finalised by November.

Exemptions for plastic straw use will apply to people living with disabilities or with medical needs.

Banned items will include lightweight plastic bags made from biodegradable plastics, compostable plastics or bioplastics, single-use plastic straws, cutlery, chopsticks, and stirrers, single-use plastic bowls and plates, all expanded polystyrene food service items such as clamshells, cups, plates and bowls, plastic cotton buds and rinse-off personal care products containing plastic microbeads, such as face and body cleansers, exfoliants and masks, shampoo, conditioner, hair dyes and toothpaste.

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