REVIEW: Bard On The Beach’s Julius Caesar & All’s Well That Ends Well

REVIEW: Bard On The Beach’s Julius Caesar & All’s Well That Ends Well

Bard On The Beach presents two Shakespearean classics for the 2020 summer season of tales of love, betrayal, power and intrigue in All’s Well That Ends Well and Julius Caesar.

The two plays, which are presented by the cast on different nights, can be experienced in multiple locations.

Set underneath the stars in the Rotunda at Balmoral Beach, theatre-goers can enjoy their dinner, while sitting comfortably on a blanket or a low chair while watching the Bard’s plays being performed. All’s Well That Ends Well tells a one sided romance story of Helena, the orphan daughter of a physician who falls in love with Count Bertram. Everything ends well in a comedic way as she devises a plot of disguised identities and promise rings to eventually win the man of her dreams.

Julius Caesar was played out on a set on the previous night with the same cast to give a sense of continuity. The cast delivered spectacular performances in costumes keeping with the original style of the Shakespearean works. Centred on the plotting and aftermath of the assassination of Julius Caesar, the play ends in tragedy as Caesar is betrayed by his close friend Brutus. However, Brutus believes he is an honourable man in taking part in the murder.

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves….”

Once you have enjoyed Bards at Balmoral, check out the outdoor venues in Carrs Bush Park, Burwood, Cronulla and Watson’s Bay until March 2020!

Until Feb 9. Balmoral Beach, Rotunda. Tickets & Info:

Reviewed by Kirsta Cheung

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