Pride Month display vandalised in Sydney’s south-west

Pride Month display vandalised in Sydney’s south-west
Image: The Pride display vandalised in Camden.

The mayor of Camden Council has asserted that members of the LGBTIQA+ community are “always welcome” following the vandalism of a Pride Month display.

Reports of the vandalism were first posted on Reddit on Tuesday, referencing offensive remarks made on a local Facebook page, which have since been deleted.

The council-erected display of the word ‘PRIDE’ had some of its rainbow-coloured letters knocked over.

This is the second year in a row that a pride sign has been vandalised in the area.

According to a Sydney Morning Herald report, users in the Facebook group supported the act, with people saying “kudos to the person who kicked it over”. Another reportedly said, “stop rubbing this crap in our faces” and “No one cares what way you want to take it just don’t share it with the rest of us”.

Camden Mayor Ashleigh Cagney told media earlier this week that she was “deeply disappointed” by the vandalism and that she was “positive that the vandalism reflects the views of a minority within the community”.

The vandalism follows increasing resistance to community events designed to raise awareness and inclusion of the LGBTIQA+ community.

ABC cancelled a drag storytime event at Rockdale Event during Mardi Gras earlier this year following a hateful response from some members of the community.

In May, Cumberland City Council banned a book about same-sex parenting, with a councillor claiming that it was sexualising young children. After intense public criticism, including international headlines, and a protest outside council chambers, the council reversed the decision. 

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