NSW Police sacks Beau Lamarre-Condon over Sydney gay couple’s murder

NSW Police sacks Beau Lamarre-Condon over Sydney gay couple’s murder
Image: Beau-Lamarre Condon

A month after Beau Lamarre-Condon allegedly murdered former TV presenter Jesse Baird and his boyfriend Qantas flight attendant Luke Davies, NSW Police on Friday sacked the celebrity blogger-turned-senior constable. 

Lamarre-Condon used his service gun to shoot dead Baird and his boyfriend Davies on February 19. He then transported the bodies to a rural NSW property

“An off-duty police officer charged with two counts of murder in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs has been removed today from the NSW Police Force,” a NSW Police Officer said in a statement. 

“Under section 181D of the Police Act 1990, the Commissioner has the ability to remove officers if she has lost confidence in their suitability to continue as a police officer.”

Celebrity Blogger-Turned-Cop

Lamarre-Condon first hit the headlines in 2014 when as a 19-year-old he threw a note onto the stage at a Lady Gaga concert. Lamarre-Condon said Gaga’s Sydney visit inspired him to come out to his family. Gaga read his note to her fans and then invited him backstage. 

Lamarre-Condon was then known for photographing himself with celebrities, including Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst.

In 2019, Lamarre-Condon joined the NSW Police Force. Controversy followed when a viral video that showed him tasering Indigenous man Kris Bradshaw in the face went viral. An internal investigation cleared Lamarre-Condon of any wrongdoing.


Luke Davies and Jesse Baird. Images: Instagram

According to police, before the murder, Lamarre-Condon is alleged to have stalked Baird and even broken into his home. While some reports suggested Lamarre-Condon was Baird’s ex-boyfriend, Baird’s friends disputed this. They claimed Baird might have been intimate in the past with Lamarre-Condon, but the relationship was over. 

Days before the murder, Lamarre-Condon checked out his service pistol from Miranda police station. 

On February 19, around 9.50 am neighbours reported hearing an argument and gunshots from Baird’s Paddington home. The CCTV captured three gunshots. A Triple Zero call was reported to have been made from Baird’s phone. 

Lamarre-Condon allegedly shot dead Baird and then Davies, who he had not expected to find at Baird’s home. He then rented a white van from Sydney Airport to transport the bodies in surf bags, which he took to a rural NSW property. 

A day after the murder he signed his service gun back at the police station. On February 21, police were alerted after an employee found suspicious items, including bloodied clothing in a skip bin in Cronulla. 

The police investigations narrowed down to Lamarre-Condon, who turned himself in on February 23, 2024. He refused to cooperate with the investigations initially, leading the police to unsuccessful searches retracing his steps. 

On February 27, a week after the murders, Lamarre-Condon disclosed the location of the bodies. The remains were found around 20 minutes away from the rural property in Bungonia that was originally the focus of police investigations.

Lamarre-Condon has not entered a plea yet and is scheduled to next face court on April 23, 2024.


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