Man accused of attacking community activist Danny Lim denies violence

Man accused of attacking community activist Danny Lim denies violence
Image: Danny Lim campaigning for Yes Vote ahead of the Voice Refferendum. Images: Chris Murphy/Twitter & The Danny Lim Resistance/Facebook

The man accused of attacking and injuring beloved Sydney activist Danny Lim, defends charges saying he is not a violent person.

Ming Wiseman was arrested and charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm by police, last week. Wiseman is accused of assaulting Lim whilst he was advocating the Yes campaign for the upcoming Indigenous Voice to Parliament Referendum, at Strathfield station in September.

The attack left Lim hospitalised, receiving treatment for facial injuries at Concord Hospital. Lim has since been discharged, continuing to advocate for the Yes vote.

Approached court singing

Before entering Burwood Local Court on Thursday, October 5, Wiseman walked up to steps of the court house singing “Edelweiss” from The Sound Of Music soundtrack.

Recalling his surname to journalists, Wiseman sang “wise men say only fools rush in” from Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling In Love.”

Wiseman says he cannot remember exactly what happened during the alleged altercation. He explained that violence is against his character unless it was for self defence.

“I would never punch anybody before they punch me” said Wiseman.

He claims that the alleged incident did not involve Lim’s choice to campaign the Yes vote. Wiseman did mention a previous altercation with Lim regarding a sign he wore saying “POLICE CVNT.”

Reminded of AVO

In court, Wiseman was reminded by magistrate, Joy Boulos, of the current Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) police made against him. The AVO means Wiseman is not allowed to contact or approach Lim in any way.

The magistrate has adjourned the case till October 26, to allow Wiseman to receive legal advice.

After leaving court, Wiseman returned outside to journalist for interviews. He spoke out about being blacklisted in China, discussed Australian politics, and said he would consider running for Prime Minister.

Wiseman proceeded to leave the court singing opera.


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