Live At Club Dunni

Live At Club Dunni

Aussie meme-lords Brown Cardigan and cinnamon whisky icon Fireball Whisky has teamed up once again to bring Australia a new virtual comedic show to your home.

In a time when a drink at home can be worn as a badge of honour, Aussie jokester Dunni will be kick-starting your weekends from his Newcastle home with his new hilarious drink-along live show Live At Club Dunni every Friday.

For those who are looking for some company or a mate to drink with in this ever isolating time, a new club, Club Dunni has just opened to bring you Dunni’s usual daily inspirations, iso-wisdom, recaps of the week, and some great laughs to your door.

With promises of plenty of fun, viewers can chime in to interact with the jokester through off-the-cuff skits, no-holds-barred ask me anything segments and giveaways.

Don’t miss out on meeting the unique Aussie personality, unlikely instagram guests in a weekly party live for the first time on Brown Cardigan’s instagram every Friday at 7pm!

May 1 & 15. Watch at

By Kirsta Cheung

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