JUDITH CRAWLEY – Is A Buyers’ Agent

JUDITH CRAWLEY – Is A Buyers’ Agent

In a world where avocado on toast at your favourite brunch spot may have to be sacrificed to own a home in Sydney, it is easy to see why the Australian property market is overwhelming and, frankly, at times depressing for everyone.

We’ve all been down the rabbit hole of trolling the internet for advice on how to make the perfect home purchase – and ending up more confused than when we started. How does one get a building report? It is not so easy to barefoot invest when you are a lady who appreciates an expensive shoe. 

Judith Crawley is a buyer’s agent; she makes a living by helping people purchase their homes. You know when you read about how you should always do your research before buying a home, and all you can think is, But what research? What exact research should I be doing, and how should I be doing it? 

Well, Judith takes care of all the research and all the details. “Basically, the real estate selling agents are there to help the sellers, and I’m here to help the buyers,” Judith explains. The concept is uncomplicated: If people need help selling their homes, then surely people could also use some help buying their homes. 

Judith’s mantra is simple: “I want to show people how you can secure your next property in the most straightforward, seamless, and cost-efficient way.” She also understands how time is such a factor in our modern lives. “Realistically, you’ve got to put in a lot of hours to find and purchase the right home, and people these days are very time poor, so that’s what I’m here to help with. I’ll save you time and money and arrange private inspections at a time that works for you.” If you are someone who works full time often half the battle is finding the time to go to a house inspection.

Judith works for Trelease Associates Property Acquisitions and has a background in economics. She and her team believe in a full-service approach. They also have contacts and access to off-market private houses that that aren’t available to the general public – giving you a higher chance of finding your dream home quicker. 

Judith and her team will create a purchasing strategy and then implement it. Complete due diligence and property intelligence. Shortlist creation and private inspections. Sifting through contract reviews and negotiations, exchange pre-settlement inspections, and take care of settlement and post-settlement. Ultimately all the buyer has to do is work with Judith to decide where they want to buy, what kind of home they want to purchase, and what their budget is. 

 “I want to make things easy for Australian people; having someone help you buy a home is much more normal in America and in Europe,” she says. 

 Similar to real estate selling agents, buyer’s agents like Judith are for everyone. “I’m not here just to help out the mega-wealthy. I am here to help anyone that wants to buy a home, no matter the budget.” Judith clarifies. Judith would recommend using a buyers agent, to ensure you buy well. “A buyer’s agent who has a good relationship with selling agents has inside knowledge and networks that can benefit the negotiation process,” she says.   

Like everything in life, it is good to have an expert on your side. Particularly when you are making a financial decision. If you don’t know much about the property market, it can be overwhelming, particularly when you try and apply general advice to your own specific situation. Judith just wants to help people buy their dream homes without breaking their budgets. Have a house and your avocado on toast too. 

Says Judith: “I want you to buy well – and I will buy well for you!”

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