Annandale Interiors

Annandale Interiors


Annandale Interiors is a beautiful interior design shop located in Stanmore at 40 Parramatta Road.

The shop is filled with creative and classy décor from corner to corner. It has a style that aims for comfort, creativity and sophistication. There are plenty of beautiful mahogany tables, plush throws for couches and beds, stunning art pieces, pops of bright color, and eccentric décor.

There are a few bed displays located on the upstairs level that any person with good taste would like in their home. There are several office setups with wonderful leather seats and very nice tables. Not only are the displays stylish and sophisticated, but they also feel homey and comfortable. They are pieces that would make for a nice place to lounge, work and host guests.

Kim Thompson, the owner of the store, is passionate about her shop and about creating the best living or working environment for her clients. She feels strongly about basing her works on designs that are popular all over the world. She calls this her “world view”. Kim loves being an interior designer and incorporating different cultures into her work and displays.

Quirky and creative pieces

The shop is filled with striking colors, from bright oranges paired with deep browns to glass tables matched with light pink cocktail glasses. She has a few tables around the shop that resemble a chess board and have large pieces that are very quirky and creative, but also are well made and sit nicely among her couches and other pieces.

One of Kim’s favourite pieces of art is a photograph of a beautiful woman with a black and white filter over it. She pairs this painting with a small white table, a patterned throw and a tall bouquet of flowers next to it, making for a creative concept and very appealing look.

Kim says, “a well-collected look is essential in creating a most fashionable home”.

She has worked with owners of the top homes in Sydney to help make their vision become a reality. She also provides feedback and new ideas to help the home look its best.

She explains how the homes are classic, but also have a mix of neutral palettes and odd colourful accents to make a sophisticated and stylish pattern. For example, one very eye-catching display is a white leather couch against a cream canvas background and a light brown wood table in front of it. While the colors are mostly neutral, flower blue pillows and a bubble-like lamp are added to create more excitement in the look.

Next, Kim explains how small decorations can make or break the connection of different styles. She shows her creativity by using small, colourful pieces to create one big design.

She says, “Whether it be on a tile, over a cushion or on the back of the chair, adding art, paintings, photography and sculptures can help connect the differences. That is how great interior decorating works”.

She considers the smaller items important to create an overall “big picture”. Every piece counts to create an appealing look.

One office space she created shows a blue chair with a fringe along the side against a mirror with a light blue frame. The mirror leans against a light brown table that is paired with a white office chair. This look is professional, but also makes for an exciting work space.

Inspiration from clients’ origins

She adds that she can get inspiration for her design through her clients’ backgrounds. Her clients come from many different countries and have interests of all types. Most of her clients are world travelers, so they have an interest in styles outside of the typical Australian look. Kim says they have a good appreciation of colours, patterns, textures and style. Kim prefers to get to know her clients so she can make their homes as custom-made to their likings as possible.

“They want their homes to reflect their unique global sensibilities,” Kim says.

The shop’s newest collection displays examples of sophisticated style mixing and unique finishes. The collection shows how the finishes are tied together with exotic motifs and classic prints. She uses natural dyes on wax and sandblasted hides to bring the details together. While Kim includes many worldly styles, she also wants her designs to still feel like an Australian home.  She says, “You can bring a truly unique style to your Australian life”.

Kim clearly cares about her clients’ opinions and their satisfaction with their home’s final look. She invites readers to visit her at Annandale Interiors for a complimentary design consultation about the latest in home décor and a new well-travelled look.





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