Enmore Road gazetted as first official Special Entertainment Precinct in NSW

Enmore Road gazetted as first official Special Entertainment Precinct in NSW
Image: The success of Enmore Road has inspired 18 other councils across NSW to begin establishing their own nightlife neighbourhood. Photo: 2SER



Enmore Road has been announced as the first permanent Entertainment Precinct in NSW. Following a successful two-year trial, Enmore Road Precinct has improved the area for local businesses and artists alike as a Special Entertainment Precinct (SEP). 

The Inner West is NSW’s largest creative arts community and features some of Sydney’s most famous bars, venues, breweries, and restaurants. Under SEP provisions, Enmore Road has flourished, breathing new life and vibrancy in the nightlife of the areas and prompting the Inner West’s Council to make the change permanent. 

Mayor Darcy Byrne said of the decision, “The Inner West is the beating heart of Sydney’s live music scene and Enmore Road is now a destination for people throughout Sydney.” 

“It’s a win for artists, local businesses and the community.”

Deputy Mayor, Chloe Smith shared Byrne’s sentiments stating, “Enmore Road is proof that Special Entertainment Precincts are helping to revive our night-time economy and live music scene.”

Minister for Music and Night-time Economy, John Graham also commented on Enmore’s success, saying it “proves Sydney can have both a safe and a vibrant nightlife, catering for a wide range of ages, tastes and budgets.”

What will this look like?

Under SEP provisions, an additional hour of trading for hospitality venues that host live entertainment is allowed, along with approval for later outdoor dining until 11:00 pm every night.

“Later trading on Enmore Road as a reward for hosting gigs has been a boon for our bars, restaurants, pubs and performing artists. As a result, we’ve had several new hospitality venues set up on Enmore Road since the trial began”, commented Byrne.  

Additionally, all main street businesses are allowed to host small-scale artistic and cultural events without the need for a Development Application. Governmental policing Inner West complaints has also been reduced to a single agency. 

A new future 

According to Deputy Mayor Smith, the hope is that more precincts will be established in the future and allow for more opportunities for local businesses and artists in other Inner West suburbs. 

Following the success of Enmore Road, 18 other councils across NSW are looking to establish their own nightlife centres, including Burwood, the Northern Beaches, Waverley and the City of Sydney. 

Minister Graham, went on to state, “This is another exciting step in rebuilding Sydney’s night-time economy after the era of lockouts and lockdowns.” 

“This is part of the government’s wider vibrancy agenda which is about rebuilding the night-time economy block-by-block, neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood. The success in Enmore shows that we’re well and truly on the way.”

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