E-bike battery believed to have caused a fire to erupt at Darlinghurst hostel

E-bike battery believed to have caused a fire to erupt at Darlinghurst hostel
Image: Hallway footage of the fire igniting at the Mad Monkey Hostel, Potts Point. Image: Fire and Rescue NSW


A Lithium-ion battery has been suspected of exploding and igniting a fire at a Darlinghurst hostel, causing visitors to evacuate the building and injuring one man.

The blaze broke out around 9am on Wednesday morning, with Fire and Rescue NSW deploying 22 firefighters and 6  to the scene on Darlinghurst Road. CCTV footage reveals the moments the alleged Lithium-ion battery exploded.

The footage from the hallway of the Mad Monkey Hostel, shows a backpacker speaking to another from the hallway. During their discussion, a large burst of fire explodes from the room, with both men narrowly escaping the explosion.

Video: Obtained by Fire and Rescue NSW

Both men reportedly rushed to the near by Kings Cross Police Station for assistance, following the incident.

70 residents were evacuated from the building as a the explosion cause a blaze to break out amongst the room. Fire and Rescue NSW contained to fire to the one unit before extinguishing it.

One of men in the footage, narrowly escaping the room, was treated for minor burns to his leg and take to St Vincent Hospital for additional treatment.

Following investigations, it is suspected the fire started from a faulty e-bike Lithium-ion battery which was left on charge.

NSW Police and experts from FRNSW’s Fire Investigation and Research Unit are continuing to investigate the circumstances around the incident.










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