Collective push for Moore Park Metro as current public transport options reach capacity

Collective push for Moore Park Metro as current public transport options reach capacity
Image: Venue and Sporting Bodies call for the Metro addition to address increasing number of visitors. Image: Allianz Stadium/Facebook


Sport and Venue bodies have made submissions calling for the extension of Sydney Metro project to include a Moore Park Metro, as current transport lines are “reaching their limits.”

In September, a NSW parliamentary inquiry accepted submissions regarding the divisive Sydney West Metro project. Government agency, Venues NSW, as well as Sports NSW and the Alliance of Moore Park Sports (AMPS) all made respective submissions pushing for the metro line to extend to Moore Park, to provide a stronger connection for visitors to the sporting and entertainment areas.

Visitors to surrounding venues, including the SCG, the Entertainment Quarter and Allianz Stadium, would significantly benefit from a Metro, providing more direct connections from Western to Eastern Suburbs.

Matching precinct expectations

The inclusion would ensure the Sydney venues would become a “globally leading transport solution to a globally leading sports and entertainment precinct,” says the AMPS Submission.

“The extension of the Sydney Metro West project with a dedicated metro station at Moore Park is not only a necessity but also an opportunity to transform the precinct into a well-connected and accessible hub for culture, sports, and community events,” AMPS continued.

Venue NSW and Sports NSW both highlighted the high capacity of many of the venues. Both noted a recent Environmental Impact Statement on the Allianz Stadium, revealing that 70% of visitors or 31,500 people arrive at the venue one hour prior to events.

Noting the light rail’s significant wait times during events, Sports NSW says the current walking distance from the SCG to Central Station is 2.1km. In comparison to other major city venues and corresponding stations which typically fall under 1km, it shows the lack of accessibility for many visitors who rely on public transport.

Sports NSW says Western Sydney residents, regional visitors, and people with disability would be addressed from the station, and be able to leave local roads to neighbouring residents.

Potential Community Support

City Hub spoke with community action group Saving Moore Park Co-President, Jason Downing, following the metro suggestion.

“Good public transport links to the SCG/Allianz Stadium area, and also, the Centennial and Moore Park parklands are vital,” says Downing.

“It makes sense and is consistent with the State Government’s Green Travel Plan to encourage people to travel other than by car.”

SMP had previously lobbied for the cessation of on-grass parking in the northern section of Moore park, due to the severely degraded nature of the area cars.

Downing says there is “potential benefit” in providing a metro station, however, the group would seek further details before settling on a view.

“At this stage, we are not sure there is enough of a need for public transport capacity beyond what buses and the light rail already provide for the sporting and other events that will be held at the SCG/Allianz,” says Downing.

SMP welcomes further information on the current status regarding attendance and transport, encouraging further debate and formal proposals on the project in order for the community to be well informed.

The Sydney Metro West project has been a controversial project, apart of multiple government inquiries and subject to an ongoing independent inquiry.

Initially introduced by the former Liberal Government, the metro plan connecting Greater Parramatta to the Sydney CBD has been projected to exceed $12 billion over budget, totalling to $25 billion.

Within the interim report from the Mrdak and Yeates independent review, they note further review will asses the “global comparator projects and affordability” to determine a comment on the project’s continuation.

City Hub reached out a spokesperson for the Minister for Transport, Jo Haylen, on the potential for Metro West extensions to Moore Park.

“The Government will consider the recommendations of the Mrdak Yeates Review before making any further decisions regarding Metro West and associated projects,” says the spokesperson.

Furthermore, the spokesperson says, “Anyone is welcome to make a submission to inquiries run by the Parliament.”



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