Clover Moore will be seeking sixth term as Sydney’s Lord Mayor

Clover Moore will be seeking sixth term as Sydney’s Lord Mayor
Image: City of Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore. Photo: Facebook

Clover Moore will be seeking an unprecedented sixth term as Sydney’s Lord Mayor with her team of independents at this year’s Local Government elections.

Moore, 78, was first elected in 2004, the first popularly elected woman to lead the City of Sydney. She is the longest serving Mayor since city government incorporation in 1842.

Despite her twenty years in the position, she said she was still highly motivated and inspired to make the City the “best place to live, work and visit.”

But there’s still work to do, she continued.

“City making takes time. It is about having a vision, doing the consultation and research and having tenacity and courage to see plans through, regardless of the shortsighted criticism from vested interests or tabloid media. Just think Light Rail, bike lanes, action on climate change and even public art.”

Moore’s election bid promises to continue efforts in fighting climate change, greening the city, and increasing affordable housing.

She also reiterated her commitment to arts and culture, saying “We have been vocal and financial supporters of culture, creativity and inclusivity, standing by our communities through State and Federal government budget cuts, harsh laws and intermittent lip service.”

The council is also in a “strong financial position to fund new projects, facilities and asset renewals”, she said.

“We are excited to transform Chinatown, Oxford Street, Broadway and complete George Street and deliver inspirational new affordable housing, transport and cultural projects.”

Another victory in September would see Moore in office for a further four years.

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