Alex Greenwich on the move to address Pyrmont public transport concerns

Alex Greenwich on the move to address Pyrmont public transport concerns
Image: NSW MP for Sydney Alex Greenwich attended a meeting of Pyrmont residents concerned over declining public transport services. Photo: Facebook and Flickr.


NSW Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich recently attended a meeting with Pyrmont residents concerned over the limited public transport services available in the inner-city suburb.

The Pyrmont Peninsula Public Transport Forum (PPPTF) met to discuss residents’ continued struggles with a reduction in bus routes as well as other public transport concerns. In the past, Greenwich has addressed several letters to NSW Transport Minister David Elliot, detailing residents concerns over declining bus routes and issues with commuting to and from the CBD.

In support of the PPPTF, Greenwich has again contacted Elliot with written representations of the Pyrmont Peninsula resident’s pleas – a reply is due September 13. Greenwich has also collaborated with NSW Member for Balmain Jamie Parker to resolve the reinstatement of ferry services to Pirrama Park Wharf in Pyrmont.

The PPPTF calls for a the Glebe ferry route to stop at Pirrama Park wharf in Pyrmont. Photo: Transdev.

Greenwich will continue to promote the Forum’s petition for changes to its public transport infrastructure.

No solution proposed until 2030

There are currently no planned improvements to public transport in Pyrmont until the completion of the Sydney West Metro in 2030.

“This gradual reduction in service results from a lack of understanding of the changing demographic of the area” said Lesley Bentley, the PPPTF’s convener.

The PPPTF has three proposals to counter the rising complications that residents and commuters are facing.

The PPPTF requests “a bus set down point in York St utilising an existing bus zone to replace the King St bus stop that was removed for a cycleway, without consultation”.

In addition to the 389 bus line, the PPPTF suggests adding a bus stop to connect with the Pyrmont Bay Ferry in order to replace the previously removed stop at the Maritime Museum. 

“What is needed is a bus service in the direction of Broadway Shops, Sydney Uni and RPAH (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital), Glebe and Fish Markets” Bentley said.

“At the moment it is near impossible to get from Pyrmont to RPAH in Camperdown.”

The PPPTF also requests to have the F10 Ferry stop at Pirrama Park for the Glebe-Barangaroo route.

“Trams are overcrowded, not frequent enough and still not fully functional” Bentley said.

“There are no current alternatives to the lack of Pyrmont’s public transport than meeting the demands of its Forum.”

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