Albert Tse

Albert Tse

Upon returning home to Australia from studying traditional jewellery artisan skills at the renowned contemporary jewellery school Alchimia, in Italy, Albert Tse launched Albert Tse Metalsmith in 2014 with the goal of creating jewellery that is unique and inventive.

Focusing on creating “jewellery for the adventurer in you,” Tse’s creations are modern takes on traditional designs with each line aiming to tell a different story. Designs from his sand-casted Eon collection signify the passing of time, while items from Wanderer are inspired by tse’s memories from his world travels. All of his jewellery is handcrafted with precious metals and stones out of his studio in Sydney, so no matter where you go, you’ll always have a little piece of home.

Albert Tse Metalsmith is certainly worth checking out as evident by his recent accolades. Just last year Tse’s Crater collection was the Winner of the international Jewellery Fair in the men’s jewellery and accessories category. or


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