3 books by Inner West authors to dive into local stories

3 books by Inner West authors to dive into local stories
Image: Books by Inner West authors to dive into a local story.


Nothing beats opening a story and finding traces of your own home within the pages. Sydney’s Inner West is home to so many stories of culture, experiences and community, and local authors can bring the essence of Sydney’s suburbs to life.

Home and Other Hiding Places by Jack Ellis

Published in February 2022, Ellis’ second novel Home and Other Hiding Places follows the coming of age story of eight-year-old Fin. Set in Sydney, the familiar backdrops brings Fin’s story to life as he navigates the world.

Ellis is a Sydney local who has written for several publication in addition to his novels. He studied law and at the University of Technology of Sydney.

Local: Recipes and Stories from Sydney’s Inner West 

In a true local collaboration, this Inner West cook book brings the flavours of the area onto the page, with recipes and stories from a collection of local sources. First published as a fundraiser for Stanmore Public School, the cook book has information on the school’s garden, recipes and history.  Authored by parents from the school, the cook book is a special testament to community and food in the Inner West.

Sheilas: Badass Women of Australian History by Eliza Reilly

This delightful non-fiction read will bring a new version of Aussie history to readers. Author Eliza Reilly is a jack of all trades as a writer, director and performer. Sheilas tells the stories of the lost women in Australian history, with tales of the fight for indigenous rights, sea-farers and more. Listed on Amazon as an “entertaining romp through history”, you shouldn’t miss out on this local read.


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