Thousands rally across Australia calling for end to native forest logging

Thousands rally across Australia calling for end to native forest logging
Image: Thousands marched across Australia in a push to end native forest logging. Lisa Maree Williams, Getty Images



Over 4000 people marched across Australia’s capital cities and regional centres on Sunday calling for an end to native forest logging.

Crowds gathered in Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra, as well as regional centres of Newcastle, Bega, Kyneton, Lismore and Bellingen.

The nationwide rally took place as part of the March in March for Forests organised by the Bob Brown Foundation.

People attended the marches in tree or wildlife costumes and held signs urging the government to stop native forest logging and preserve the habitats of native wildlife.

“Right now when we need forests the most, federal and state governments are still destroying them,” said Bob Brown.

Native forest logging is destroying critical carbon stocks and razing wildlife habitat to the ground across Australia at a time when leaving forests in the ground will mitigate global heating and protect wildlife from the brink of extinction.”

Logging in native forests kills endangered wildlife like koalas, Greater Gliders, Swift parrots, Gang-gang Cockatoos and owls, quolls, and countless other species, he continued.

Jenny Weber, Campaigns Manager for Bob Brown Foundation, said Australia has “more than enough” plantations to meet its wood needs.

“When native forests are saved from destruction, essential ecosystems and wildlife are saved in this time of climate breakdown and extinction crisis,” she said.

Last week, the NSW Government held a koala summit looking at major threats to the beloved species.
After koala populations plummeted due to bushfires, land clearing and logging, the government declared the species as endangered in 2022.
Ms Weber said they would be ramping up their efforts until logging stops.
“We are ramping up our national campaign and will continue to mobilise the Australian public to take action in support of ending native forest logging with nationwide actions until the logging of wildlife-rich native forests that happens every day is stopped.”

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