Pets on public transport: soon a reality?

Pets on public transport: soon a reality?
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Will we be seeing dogs on public transport anytime soon?

This was one of the questions at the Sydney Summit on February 5, which included discussions about inequality, the housing crisis, and climate change.

Though the Sydney Morning Herald characterised the question as a “lighthearted idea that set tongues properly wagging”, some on social media have highlighted that the issue is crucial for those living on lower incomes, have disabilities, or are older and have less accessibility.

In a previous City Hub report about the City of Sydney council pushing for pets on public transport, Lord Mayor Clover Moore said that “people with pets are treated as second-class citizens due to unnecessarily restrictive policies around pets on public transport.”

Lack of access to a car can prevent pet-owners from taking their animal companions to parks or veterinary care.

Pets on public transport might also see higher rates of adoption, as would an animal-friendly city overall.

Member for Newtown Jenny Leong said, “Pet-friendly transport works wonders in Europe, so why not here?”

“It’s high time our government embraced the idea of including pets on our buses, trains, and ferries,” she continued.

“And while we’re at it, let’s go a step further by making these journeys free – and accessible – for their humans.”

The question was put to transport secretary Josh Murray at the summit, who said, “It’s a very popular topic and it’s also very split in terms of the discussions that we are having.”
The benefits would have to be carefully weighed with the needs of people with disability and workers, a spokesperson for Transport NSW previously told City Hub.


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