Marco Luccio’s Myth, Mayhem, Metropolis

Marco Luccio’s Myth, Mayhem, Metropolis
Image: Marco Luccio. Image: Marco Luccio/Instagram

The latest exhibition from award winning Australian artist Marco Luccio is on display for the first time in Sydney. Tiliqua Tiliqua art gallery in Enmore is hosting Luccio’s Myth, Mayhem, Metropolis, featuring a treasure trove of monumental myth-making and architectural expression. Luccio’s distinctive style has been implemented to create many visceral artworks, including devious creatures in the form of warrior sculptures, and vintage postcards reimagined for large scale drawings.

Marco Luccio sketching on location. Image: Marco Luccio/supplied

Mythical New York is one of the main themes embedded into the exhibition, inspiring the title of the showcase. For over ten years, Luccio had the opportunity to paint on top of the Chrysler Building, New York, observing the scenery day and night. The paintings in the exhibition have been created from multiple unique vantage points, including the top of Manhattan skyscrapers and down on the city streets, forming the ultimate metropolis scene.

Marco Luccio. Image: Marco Luccio/Instagram

In addition to New York, Myth, Mayhem, Metropolis portrays striking elements of other famous cities, including Florence, Italy and Sydney, Australia. The works of these places celebrate the unique beauty of urban engineering structures such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Images of Melbourne, Australia and Paris, France are also featured in the exhibition, displayed through dynamic charcoal drawings and a myriad of quirky assemblages.

Marco Luccio sketching on location. Image: Marco Luccio/supplied

Featured in the exhibition are some of Luccio’s stand-out pieces, expressed through various art mediums. One of these feature works is a large drawing created using hundreds of old postcards collected in New York. This piece has been carefully constructed to allow audiences to view the work from multiple angles and perspectives. Another compelling artwork is the powerful Kongo figure standing six feet high on a copper sheet, taking Luccio six months to execute.

Marco Luccio sketching on location. Image: Marco Luccio/supplied

Audiences are taken on an enriched journey throughout the exhibition, exploring Luccio’s technical and genius skillset. In Myth, Mayhem, Metropolis, the human condition is highlighted using various mediums and subjects. According to Luccio, art is a way for him to feel more human, more centered and more connected to the world.

To further share his relationship with art, Luccio is also leading art-making workshops at Tiliqua Tiliqua gallery. The classes focus on the sketching medium, with one class for sketching surrounding landscapes, and one for beginners and non-drawers. These workshops will allow Luccio to personally engage with the local public so art enthusiasts can indulge in his recognisable talent. 

Until December 10 

257 Enmore Rd, Enmore

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